August 2, 2014

New Music: Beyonce "Flawless" Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

AS IF BEYONCE EVEN NEEDED TO REMIX THIS SONG!!!! One of my favorite things in the entire world is Beyonce talking shit because it's all facts. "Of Course Some Shit Goes Down When There's A Billion Dollars On The Elevator." That defiantly needed to be said more than once. Is it me, or is that one line more valuable than some of these pop stars entire careers!? Beyonce is fucking killing everyone, it's embarrassing. This is the first collab between Beyonce and Nicki Minaj (THIS IS HUGEE!!) and hip-hop empowerment collabs like these need to happen more often. The only thing that can take this remix to a different planet is an incredible visual to go along with it. Much respect to Nicki for snagging this collab. Also, I enjoy the fact that at any given moment Beyonce can bring Nicki Minaj out on stage and sabbatoge our entire existence.

August 1, 2014

SUR's REVIEW: FUCK that's Delicious

If you haven't heard, VICE's Munchies gave Action Bronson his own Food/Cooking/Tour show on YouTube.
And it's fucking amazing. I had to subscribed right after the first couple minutes. 
I guess VICE saw Action B's gold talent when they let him have an episode on VICE EATs 
then decided to give this nigga his own show (which he rightfully deserved). 
BTW if you didn't know Action Bronson is a Chef and showcases
his abilities during every show, he plays no games in the kitchen. 

In the show Bronson takes us on a big ass eating adventure to little dinners, drive-ins and dives
that he knows by heart and showing us the best of the best on every menu and even some things
he's never tried before and gives a real ass opinion about the dishes (no fofo lame shit) and all while he's touring the world and smoking that vanilla before every meal. Best Show Ever!

*I do suggest you to smoke while watching and have alot of munchies around you.
cause a nigga, like me, got hungry watching this shit.

These are only episodes 1,2 + 3, you'll have to subscribe to MUNCHIES for more.

I also love that he loves his fans and not untouchable. just chill.

July 29, 2014

Inspiration 4 Yo' ASS.

So I found this really inspiring video one day and although you may not be depressed or whatever the fuck, maybe you just need some inspiration to give you that extra push to continue to keep doing your muthfuckin' thang.

Now i'm going to assume we're all familiar with "The Secret", but in case you aren't and you need to catch up to the rest of the world here's the Oprah Winfrey special on it:

Thoughts become things. I don't know about you but although this is a simple concept sometimes its hard to actualize this into your life. The video below adds more depth to this concept. Watch it a couple times to get the full jist.

In case this post was not "for you" and all this shit just went over your head and makes no absolute sense, or you just don't think it works. Here's Dave Chapelle's stand up that will support your thoughts and give you a laugh.

Those of you who got it, you can get entertainment from the stand up and know the answers to the comical inquires Chapelle presents "Judge not by appearance."

July 28, 2014


Today, Tumblr hit me with this bullshit :
 yep, they blocked the shit outta all my reblogs and post, I reached my daily post limit ??!!!?

Now, I STILL don't understand why Tumblr has this limit. I just wanna reblog shit all fucking day. 
but I guess that's only in dreamland.

July 23, 2014

How High Am I?

Check this out! It's the newest edition to my already vas stationary collection, and this shit just took it to "another mother fucking level". This is a special notebook dedicated to one of my favorite things on earth: WEED. Yupp, that's right! Good ole Mary Jane. In this I will document all the different strains I smoke/the effects they have on me(which I forget sometimes b/c I smoke so much!) and I'll make sure to share them on here for you guys. In case you want pick one up for yourself here's the link.  (Click Here)

And this is me when I'm high writing in my notebook.

July 15, 2014

Ab-Soul "Hunnid Stax" Video Review

 22 hours ago Ab-Soul put out a music video for "Hunnid Stax" ft. ScHoolboy Q from his recent album titled These Days, with the help of Mac Miller. This shit bang and I love the video and the editing. But I do have to say, ScHoolboy Q killed Ab-Soul in this song and it not like
Soul sucks, SBQ just went in on his verse. I really appreciated the song references in this bitch like "National Anthem" by Lana Del Rey, "Mula" by Big Sean and "Get Money" by Jr. Mafia.
Then Puffy Daddy himself had a vocal cameo at the end of the video saying "What? There aint no more to it. Solo Eatin' Now! Tell'em Puff said so". One thing I don't get is why wasn't Mac Miller's name part of the "featuring" but then turn around and have his own section in the video?  I dunno.


I give this video and song:
4/5 Flying Money emojis 

Buy on iTunes TODAY!
These Days Ab-Soul

July 13, 2014

Guilty Conscience POM Beanies

I recently discovered a New LA brand called Guilty Conscience on instagram ( they commented on one of my pictures) and fell in love with their fucking POM Beanies and I instantly had to find my wallet to cop them and you should do the same. 
Now I know it's still summer, but fall aint far so be proactive and get these beanies ASAP!

Keep up the good work GC! 


July 12, 2014

1 Mission. 2 BDays. 8 SLURPEES.

Today was My Best Friend, J.Ross's Birthday and every year we go get free slurpees at 7Eleven.
 Now its not that big of a deal to us cause we always do it, it's tradition.
But this year we figured why not go to all of the 7Elevens that we know and bust in the door wavin' the 44 free slurpees. So we set out the mission to hit up all the stores before 7p.m. (when all the freeness ends), but both of our cars are currently in the position of fucked so we ...
cause we saw that most of the stores were only a bike ride away.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1st Heist:
2nd Robbery:

Now I know it's not 7Eleven The Company's fault that these two store didn't want their customers to enjoy a full size, FILLED UP TO THE BRIM, free slurpees, but this is some bullshit. 

3rd Stealing:
These nigga had GRAPE so we had to cop dem.
4th Burglary:

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